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The Good Audit Process

The Good Audit is the most effective first step to save money on your utility bills, and will lead to optimal home performance.

The Good Audit is a thorough examination of your home by Certified Energy Analysts, trained to uncover home energy performance problems and provide solutions for improvement.

We believe no two homes are alike.  Instead of one-size-fits-all energy improvement measures that often mask or don't solve your energy concerns, we let building science principles guide us to improvement measures that will provide lasting results.

The Good Audit focuses on the 4 Key components of optimal home performance: Energy Efficiency, Comfort, Safety & Health.

Here’s how The Good Audit works:

1. We'll Start With A Good Conversation

  • We will meet with you to talk about your home and discuss your goals & expectations for saving energy. It's your opportunity to tell us about any drafts, uneven temperatures, or hard to heat or cool rooms so we can address troublesome areas to improve the comfort of your home.

2. We'll Find Causes of Wasted Energy

  • We will conduct a number of tests on your home to determine where energy may be wasted through air leaks, home construction, and the performance of your appliances. We take advantage of the latest science & diagnostic tools including a Blower Door test to provide fact based solutions to reduce energy losses.

3. We'll Help You Breathe Easier

  • We will look for opportunities to control allergens and moisture to make your home healthier, especially beneficial for anyone with asthma or allergy concerns, while at the same time reduce the workload of your home’s air filtering system.

4. We'll Ensure Your Safety

  • We put a high priority on safety, so our Analysts will examine your home for hidden risks of carbon monoxide and natural gas leakage, as well as examine moisture concerns that may lead to mold.  And, for homes where we install air leakage solutions, we will include a free re-test, or "test-out", of your home's airflow with the Blower Door examination. This test-out service verifies your home has proper air flow.

5. We'll Offer Sound Advice

  • You will receive a personalized report of our findings with performance improvement recommendations, written in plain English, based on scientific facts, and ranked by return on investment.

6. We'll Provide A Single Point of Contact

7. You'll Enjoy The Results

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We are committed to helping you live more comfortably and saving you money, we guarantee it. If you are not satisfied with any measures implemented as a result of your audit we’ll refund the cost of The Good Audit.

We offer 3 levels of The Good Audit to improve your home's performance. For a list of services provided and cost for each, click here.

You pay too much for gas & electricity, right?  But like most people, you may not be aware that much of what you pay for is unintentionally wasted each month.  So how is anyone supposed to know what is being wasted or what to do about it? That is what The Good Audit is all about.