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Blower Door Testing

The Blower Door takes the guesswork out of determining the locations and extent to which your home leaks.  Since many leaks are not easily identified, a professional auditor uses a Blower Door combined with a tool called a Manometer to estimate how much your home leaks as well as to pinpoint leakage points in the attic, behind walls, in drafty rooms, etc. 

The Blower Door is a powerful exhaust fan we install in an exterior door frame such as your front door entrance.  When turned on, the fan simulates the effect of a 20 mph wind against the side of your home by pulling air out of your house, lowering the pressure inside.  The higher outside air pressure then flows in through all unsealed openings. In this way we can reveal the air infiltration rate, meaning how much air flows freely into and out of your home. 

Using the test results, we can focus on the specific causes of air leakage.  Since many leaks are often due to a home’s framing or foundation design we rely on our training, experience, and building science principles to determine the best approaches to better seal your home.

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