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Carbon Monoxide & Natural Gas

Carbon Monoxide & Natural Gas Testing

For homes with natural gas or propane fueled appliances such as furnaces, kitchen ranges, water heaters, gas fireplaces, or dryers, the two risks to occupants of the home are from leaks of the gas fuel itself and exposure to carbon monoxide.

We test for odorless carbon monoxide gas in every home that we conduct an energy audit.  Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a result of incomplete combustion during the operation of a gas fueled appliance. Normally, CO is exhausted outside your home through the appliance ventilation system or chimney. However, higher levels presenting a health & safety risk can be found due to age related appliance failure, defective product, draft pressure issues, or improper ventilation or installation. High levels of CO lead to over 500 deaths each year, but many more people are exposed to low levels which presents itself as symptoms similar to the flu and may go undiagnosed for years. If a problem is found, we will make recommendations to resolve the problem and, for your safety, we can shut off gas to the appliance until the problem is resolved.

Whether problems are found or not, we recommend every home with combustion appliances (and cars in an attached garage) have at least one CO detector installed in the home; preferably one detector on every floor of the home.

We also inspect for natural gas leaks because it’s not only a health & safety risk, but leaking gas means you’re wasting energy; paying for something you’re not using.  For any leak found, we will mark the leaks so your plumbing or appliance contractor can easily locate and seal leak points.

If any gas problems are found, you can be assured we let you know immediately.

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