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Duct Testing & Sealing

One of the more challenging issues to address is leakage in your heating & air conditioning ductwork. This specialized service requires the use of a tool called a Duct Blaster. Because we have HERS Raters on our team who are certified & experienced in the use of the Duct Blaster, we can examine your home to determine where leakage exists and the most appropriate sealing measures needed.

The Duct Blaster test

The Duct Blaster is used to directly pressure test the duct system for leaks, much the same way a plumber pressure tests water pipes for leaks.  The Duct Blaster is connected to the duct system from your furnace or air return grille, and the Duct Blaster's fan forces air through all holes and cracks in the ductwork. The tighter the better. Duct leakage measurements are used to diagnose and demonstrate leakage problems, estimate efficiency losses from duct leakage, and certify the quality of the duct system installation.

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