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Infrared Testing

Infrared Testing is recommended to augment an energy audit to reveal more challenging air infiltration and energy loss concerns. For drafty rooms or for situations where additional insulation has been installed but has not had the desired benefit, Infrared Testing is an essential tool to bring to light the actual source of a problem.

Also known as Thermography, Infrared Diagnosis, Thermal Imaging, and IR, Infrared Testing is a testing protocol we conduct in very much the same way a doctor uses an x-ray to diagnose a problem not readily visable on the surface.  The IR tool illustrates heating & cooling gains and losses in a temperature based color pallette that allows a trained professional to diagnose specific problem areas within your home in difficult to reach areas such as inside walls, behind walls, around windows and other locations. This unique insight allows the auditor to pinpoint energy loss and improperly installed or missing insulation and address issues with far greater accuracy.

Of benefit to our customers, Drsydale Energy provides the highest level of expertise in this category, anchored by our President, Terry Clausing.  Terry is a certified NDT Level III T/IR engineer in thermography and infrared imaging, and a nationally recognized instructor in thermography and infrared imaging techniques and diagnosis.

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