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What's a Leaky House?

All Homes “Leak” 

Whether you have a new home or a 100 year-old home, you can be assured they both leak.  The amount that leaks, however, is determined by how well the home is sealed. 

Leaks in a home allow a two-way flow of air, meaning the air you pay to heat or cool your home flows out and hot & cold outside air flows into your home.  It may surprise you to learn that all leaks combined can be the equivalent of leaving a window open year-round.

 Leaks are a result of a variety of factors. Your home may have some or all of these:

  • Holes made to install plumbing pipes or electrical wiring through the side of your house or into the attic
  • Home construction design, balloon framing
  • Bath fans or recessed lighting fixtures in the ceiling just below the attic
  • Unsealed rim joists around the perimeter of the basement and upper floors
  • Gaps in the ducts in your house
  • Ductwork entering a garage or attic
  • Openings around the perimeter of attic floors
  • Knee walls, common in Cape Cod style homes
  • Cracked plaster walls
  • Crawl spaces
  • Worn out caulk around window frames
  • …and the list goes on 

Beside wasted energy, leaks lead to a number of problems making your home uncomfortable, cause drafts, allow moisture to enter which can lead to mold, and leaks allow irritating pollens and pollutants to spread freely within your home. 

The better your home is sealed, the greater the health & comfort benefits you’ll enjoy in addition to the heating & cooling savings.

Finding Leaks

Some leaks can be seen by simply walking around the house and looking for openings such as around pipes or electric wires in the exterior walls.  However, many leaks are not easily identified and require a professional audit to uncover them.  The primary tools for determining air leakage are the blower door and infrared testing which provide valuable insight for pinpointing leakage in the attic, behind walls, in drafty rooms, etc. These testing methods take the guesswork out of estimating the extent to which your home leaks.

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