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The Importance of Air Sealing.

Air Sealing provides The Most Significant Savings Opportunity

All homes “leak”, meaning the air you pay to heat or cool your home flows out and hot & cold outside air flows into your home.  The amount that leaks is determined by how well your home is sealed.  It may surprise you to learn that all leaks combined can be the equivalent of leaving a window open year-round.

Air Sealing is the process of sealing the holes and construction design issues that allow your interior air to leave your home, and sealing to prevent cold winter or hot summer air from entering your home.

You should only pay for the heating & cooling you need, not pay to replenish what is lost through leakage.  Secondly, the more air you have to replenish, the more effort your heating & air conditioning system has to exert, reducing its life expectancy. And less waste is better for the environment too.

Think of the times you’ve flown on a jet.  You’re comfortable throughout the flight because the plane is designed to ensure you have consistent indoor air quality, and the interior is not influenced by the exterior elements.  Air sealing can provide the same benefit for your home.

What About Insulation?

After air sealing, insulation provides great benefits, but insulation by itself does not stop the flow of air.  Instead, insulation acts as a heat retarder in which it slows the flow of your warm air in the winter from leaving the house and slows warm summer air from getting inside your home. In fact, if a home is not sealed, air can pass more freely through the insulation. And the more air flowing through the insulation, the greater the R-value is decreased.

Breathe Easier

Keeping the outside air from making its way inside your home also means fewer pollens and other pollutants too, providing a more comfortable home for asthma and allergy sufferers.

With a well sealed home you will be more comfortable in a healthy environment and save money at the same time.